Three New Year’s Questions

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Here are three questions worth asking yourself as you stand on the cusp of a New Year:

  1. What must I do in the year ahead to consider it a success?
  2. What will I do to strengthen my most important relationships?
  3. What would I do if I wasn’t afraid?

Press On!

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Goal Setting: The Missing Step

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Where do most goal setting and life planning systems go wrong?

In the last few weeks I’ve shared with you some key life planning questions, the strategic 3/3/50% question, and challenged you to carve out some unrushed time for thinking about the direction of your life.

Now let me encourage you to do something that will help your planning process immensely, but something which is rarely done by people who want to move ahead: Look Back. That’s right, look back.

Since you are a person interested in life planning, I know that you are forward looking, passionate about accomplishing something significant, desiring to reach your full potential. I’m with you! But before you can plan the forward course you need to gain a sense of where you’ve come from.

In the book Release, I describe this step as Harnessing Your History. Everything in your past has shaped who you are today. And if your past is like mine, there are good things and bad things, great pain, great joy, success and failure. Read More→

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The Key to Life Planning

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The key to developing a strategic, workable life plan is to carve out some unrushed time for thinking and writing.

This is not easy, and is in fact the reason most people do not have a sense of direction or purpose. Where can you find some unrushed time in your already full life to answer some of those important questions?

There are two areas almost everybody I know can can utilize for reflection:

1) Time already allocated to “leisure.”
The truth is, many of us work hard and then we play hard. What I’m suggesting here is to hit the pause button on some of your playing time and use it for reflection: Take a night off from the team, or the gym, or the club or the _________ (you fill in the blank.) And then use that time to answer some of those big picture questions I’ve already shared with you, or other important questions you already know you need to answer. Read More→

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Short Term Goals

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Did you find my life planning/dream questions helpful?

Here’s another good one that I heard from one of my mentors, Bobb Biehl:
What 3 things can you do in the next 3 months that will make a 50% difference in the key areas of your life?

This is one of the highest leverage questions I’ve found. Three months is long enough to do something significant but short enough to keep it in my face! I always have three 3-month goals on the go, and whenever one is completed, I add another.

If this kind of thinking gets your wheels turning, I know you will benefit from the personal development process I call Release. I teach it through my book Release: A Wilderness Adventure of the Soul, which uses the fictional story of a person sent out on a 3-week solo wilderness trek to communicate the different phases of the process. Read More→

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Top Ten Dream Questions

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I have been collecting personal development questions for years, and these are my favorites.
I hope you find them helpful in uncovering and pursuing your dreams!
-Daren Wride

My Top Ten Dream Questions

1. What is your greatest strength or uniqueness as a person?
2. What is the most significant roadblock holding you back?
3. What three things, if you did them, would make your life a success?
4. What would you be willing to die for?
5. If your life was absolutely perfect, what would it look like?
6. What is your primary loyalty?
7. What are you looking forward to?
8. What three things are you most grateful for?
9. Do you like yourself at this point in life? (If not, what needs to change?)
10. What am I truly passionate about?

Additional Reflection Questions: Read More→

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